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A Goliath victory

On Sunday 29th September, 'David' met 'Goliath' for a tennis tournament like no other and raised £830 (and counting) for our wonderful cause in the process...

The Sheret family are fantastic supporters of the charity, getting involved with everything we do; sponsoring a child, The Mud House Club, joining in at the Little Festival... we couldn't thank them enough.

This year they decided to go even further, arranging a tennis tournament on our behalf! Gordon 'Goliath' Sheret (aged 59) took on Joel 'David' Brittain (aged 25). Gordon hadn't played tennis for 7 years, his last foray ending with a knee injury in hospital, but as a pathologically competitive individual, he just can't help himself!

Joel on the other hand is superfit, an "energy dynamo", but has never really played tennis before.

With over 25 donations totalling £830 at the time of writing, the guys had all the support to get them through this rigorous match, ending in 'Goliath' taking home a victory.

A huge thank you for their initiative in fundraising and, of course, their continued support, along with their generous donors.

There is still time to sponsor if you'd like to do so, click here.

If you have a fundraising idea, do get in touch as we can offer plenty of support and would be so appreciative of any efforts. Speak to Hannah on or through the chat function on our website.

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