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A return to education

Rovaldo Mtenga has finally started university in Dar Es Salaam to study to become a doctor.

2020 was a difficult and uncertain year for Rovaldo's studies, as it was for students all over the world, but he has persevered and started university at the beginning of December.

Rovaldo has been sponsored by our Patron, Sylvia Goodall, for over 12 years, since nursery. At just 10 years old he attended boarding school in Arusha and has always wanted to be a brain surgeon, following in the footsteps of Ben Carson, one of the most celebrated neurosurgeons in the world.

Rovaldo carried a photograph of Ben Carson from an old National Geographic magazine in his school diary and read the story of this remarkable surgeon, “Gifted Hands”, several times before he was even 14.

Rovaldo may well achieve his dream. He has just started his second term and is practicing taking blood on his fellow students, “I have found it very hard to inflict pain on my friends”.

We wish Rovaldo the very best with his new term and the studies ahead of him, one step closer to his dream.

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