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Anya Higgins - Great South Run Team 2019

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Anya found our wonderful cause through village word of mouth - showing your networking and messages of support really do make the world of difference, so keep up the good work!

"This will be my fourth attempt at the Great South Run in so many years. I am not a quick runner by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love a running challenge and this year decided to help support and raise the profile of The Mud House Children's Foundation, having found out more about the charity from the fantastic people behind it.

I hope to promote the charity to my students and to raise their awareness of the work the charity are doing in Tanzania.

My running was going great guns until 2 weeks ago, when I had a minor operation on my forehead, with the doctors advising 2 weeks off running until the stitches were out.

Now I am stitch-free the training resumes again this weekend in earnest!

Hopefully I won't have lost too much fitness with my lay off."

As a charity, we often rely on the huge generosity of the public; friends, families, colleagues, strangers, so we can't thank Anya enough for advocating our cause and helping raise these vital funds as part of our team.

Please do give if you can, online donations are available here.

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