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Current food crisis

You'll hopefully have seen, across our facebook page and website, all the great work our team have been doing to raise funds for the charity this summer.

However, a new challenge has arisen which means we need extra fundraising opportunities as soon as possible.

I'm sure you can imagine, the weather in Tanzania can be extreme. At the moment, Wasso is experiencing a severe drought. There is no food at all.

All the local crops have died as a result, including our own.

Maize and beans are having to be brought in by lorry from Mwanza and Nairobi.

The situation is terrible and is, of course, a big expense.

We would welcome any opportunities to raise more money for food for our children.

If you're planning a challenge anytime soon and would be interested in fundraising on our behalf, please get in touch and we'd be happy to support you. Alternatively, if you have any other methods which could help (workplace donations etc) we'd very much appreciate it.

Please do let us know.

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