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Introducing Hannah

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m the most recent addition to the Mud House family.

Many of you will know the journey the charity has been on, some of you will not.

In essence, this is a real family effort, having been started by my Grandma on a trip to Tanzania many years ago. Since then, we have built connections with the community leaders out in Tanzania, along with our Trustees and support network home in the UK, to create what is now a fully registered charity, with real goals and results.

To give a little insight to my background and experience, I have previously worked with children and international projects, having assisted school trips around the world. I’m hopeful that this knowledge will help to build on the school partnerships we already have and develop the twinning opportunities. My most recent role involved the running of my own canine and equestrian business, quite the contrast I know, but this has given me a real ethic of self-motivation, which, when it comes to the development of projects for the charity, will be essential.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Tanzania on 3 trips so far, with another scheduled for the end of the month. One of these visits was a 6 week stay; this allowed me to become fully integrated with the community, living and working amongst them. I fell in love with the people on my first visit; it’s hugely humbling to see how happy they are with so little and certainly makes you reflect on your own circumstances in a very different light. There is such potential for growth and development in the future and they are so appreciative of everything we do.

I cannot imagine a more rewarding cause; the looks on their faces when we take out the simplest of gifts, tennis balls are always a joy.

I’m looking forward to what the future holds for The Mud House Children’s Foundation.

We’ve just got The Mud House Club up and running, a £5 a month membership club, and have a whole host of projects in the works.

If you’re interested in finding out more, do get in touch,

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