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Moipoi's story

We would love to introduce you all to Moipoi...

Moipoi was our first ever sponsored child, from a small Maasai village called Wasso B.

On our most recent trip (February 2019), our team had the pleasure of spending a few days with her. She was absolutely thrilled to announce that she had graduated secondary school and has been accepted to go to college to study Pharmaceutical Science.

Her sponsors then very kindly agreed to continue her sponsorship through college. Both Moipoi and her mother were over the moon and crying with joy when we told them.

This is an absolutely incredible achievement, Moipoi is the first female from this area to ever get this far in education.

We are all so proud of her!

If you would like to help a child like Moipoi and give them the chance of an education, please do get in contact, we have plenty of children who would just love the chance.

Contact Hannah Povey on

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