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Steve Asser - Great South Run team 2019

Introducing the next member of our Great South Run team…

Steve Asser was coerced into joining us and has travelled a fair distance for this challenge, having met the Jarman Povey Howell clan in Turkey back in Easter.

“I was first introduced to this cause after being hijacked by Nicky Jarman whilst enjoying a glass of red around a fire pit in Kas, Turkey. This was the start of a rather unexpected friendship that progressed when invited to a family BBQ. I should have known better. After being plied with wine all night I was gradually outnumbered and, before I knew it, I’d signed up for The Mud House Club and a trip back to the UK for The Great South Run! The latter was on the promise of a Jarman roast dinner, which I’m holding them to.

I am now frantically trying to get into shape, not a natural runner by any means, I was never any good and am getting slower by the day. That said, I’m always up for a challenge and my training is currently a 7k downhill run, almost daily, from my villa into Kas to recover the car after one too many vinos the night before.”

We’re thrilled to have Steve join us, and couldn’t be more grateful to have met him around the fire pit that serendipitous night, what a wonderful asset to the charity.

You can sponsor Steve by clicking here; alternatively, maybe recommend a bar that’s further than 7k from his villa?

See you in October Steve!

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