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Such kind, caring children

by Jan Earney - Trustee

On our most recent visit to Wasso, I stood watching the children as Hannah and Helen gave out sweets, possibly the only sweets these children had been given in a long time.

If they had been overexcited; grabbing and taking more than others, you could have easily forgiven them. However, this isn't what I saw.

I saw the older children help the younger children; they organized them and made sure that everyone had a sweet when they were given out.

I saw older children bite their sweets in half to ensure that everyone had their fair share.

Children who had not been in the vicinity were fetched to join in. Some of the smaller ones clearly had no idea what they had been given, but helped by the older ones, they too enjoyed the new sensation, albeit with quizzical expressions on their faces.

What a humbling experience to see this level of enjoyment from such a simple thing as a boiled sweet.

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