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The "blessing" of water

We are delighted to report that the £12,000 donation to The Mud House Children’s Foundation, to buy and install a solar powered water bore hole in Ngorongoro, Northern Tanzania, has produced wider benefits than originally envisaged.

A month ago we reported water had been found 68 metres below ground and that the pumps had worked and clean water was on tap.

The original scheme was for this to provide a guaranteed water supply near the village of Wasso and Loliondo and the children’s Maasai hostel.

It transpired that the whole area had a drought last month and the local villages had no water. All the rivers and wells had dried up.

The good news was that the solar powered bore hole continued to have a supply and the Maasai people from these dry areas travelled many miles on foot, donkey and even on motorbike to collect life-saving water.

In the words of one local Maasai, the bore hole has been a “blessing” and enables many families to survive these extreme conditions.

This has been a significant bonus to the original plan. Our sincere thanks to the Alton Rotary Club for their generous donation.

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