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Annie Sheret - Great South Run Team 2019

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Annie has taken up the challenge after another one of our runners, Andy Howe, had to pull out due to injury. She had already put herself forward; a great supporter of the charity, with a sponsored child, a member of The Mud House Club and bringing in new support from her family.

Girlfriend to Robbie (poor her) and a keen yoga-er, Annie has a love/hate relationship with running. "A couple of months ago I couldn't run a mile without wanting to give up, but now I'm getting further and feeling much fitter!

Knowing that we are all running for such an important cause makes the early morning training much easier to manage."

To help Annie with those 6am runs and to get her to the finish line in just a few weeks, please give what you can, it will make the world of difference to our charity. Click here to donate.

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